Bandmate Chromatic Tuner

About Bandmate

Bandmate is technology that makes music education easier by giving personal feedback to students while they are learning.

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier for beginners to learn their notes, if they could see for themselves what note they were playing or singing?

That’s the problem: beginners are not sure if they are playing / singing the right note.  How could they possibly be sure?  They see the note on the paper they are supposed to be playing, then they try to play that note, but they don’t know if they are correct unless their teacher is there to tell them.  What if they could have that immediate feedback all the time?

This is what gave me the idea for the Bandmate Chromatic Tuner app.  I hope it helps your students as much as it has helped mine.

Justin Dickson, Band Director, Carroll Magnet Middle School, Raleigh, NC.  

Shameless Tip Jar

SHAMELESS TIP JAR - Bandmate Chromatic Tuner is free, and always will be, so that all your students can get it.  But maintaining it, keeping it on the App Store, etc. costs money. 
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